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Tren Seferleri

Kütahya - Eskişehir Train Ticket
10 TL
Karaman - Konya Train Ticket
11 TL
Konya - Karaman Train Ticket
11 TL
İstanbul - Arifiye Train Ticket
16 TL
Ankara - Eskişehir Train Ticket
21 TL
Kayseri - Ankara Train Ticket
21 TL
Ankara - Kayseri Train Ticket
21 TL
Eskişehir - Ankara Train Ticket
31 TL
Konya - Ankara Train Ticket
36 TL
Arifiye - Eskişehir Train Ticket
44 TL
İstanbul - Eskişehir Train Ticket
46 TL
Eskişehir - İstanbul Train Ticket
46 TL
Ankara - Kars Train Ticket
48 TL
Kars - Ankara Train Ticket
48 TL
Ankara - Arifiye Train Ticket
61 TL
Arifiye - Ankara Train Ticket
61 TL
İstanbul - Ankara Train Ticket
71 TL
Ankara - İstanbul Train Ticket
71 TL
Gebze - Ankara Train Ticket
71 TL
Ankara - Gebze Train Ticket
71 TL

Train Tickets Are At Biletall.com!

Train is one of the most enjoyable transportation means for travel and allows travelling for the cheapest prices when compared to other means thanks to affordable price options. You can buy your ticket for the most suitable prices by comparing the High Speed Train or Mainline Train tickets at Biletall.com with other transportation means, in addition to pullman, covered, couchette or bed options. You can buy e-tickets online for any destination point at Biletall.com, which is a TCDD authorized ticket seller.

High Speed Train (YHT)

Tickets for the High Speed Train, which have been put into service on Ankara-Eskişehir route for the first time and which allows you to very quickly reach your desination at 250 km/hour speed is available at Biletall.com! You can travel comfortably by purchasing cheap High Speed Train tickets.

Mainline Train Ticket

You can buy tickets for TCDD Mainline Trains, which are known as the express trains as the recently popular travel means, for the for cheap prices online and travel to places you want to go, such as the Orient Express. The mainline trains are generally offered with bed and meal services.

Popular Train Expresses

Doğu Ekspresi
Ankara » Kars
Vangölü Ekspresi
Ankara » Van (Tatvan)
Güney Kurtalan Ekspresi
Ankara » Siirt (Kurtalan)
Sofya Ekspresi
İstanbul » Sofya
Ege Ekspresi
Balıkesir » İzmir (Basmane)
Erciyes Ekspresi
Adana » Kayseri
Toros Ekspresi
Adana » Konya
Fırat Ekspresi
Adana » Elazığ
Pamukkale Ekspresi
Eskişehir » Denizli
Karesi Ekspresi
İzmir (Basmane) » Balıkesir
Konya Mavi Treni
İzmir (Basmane) » Konya
İzmir Mavi Treni
Ankara » İzmir (Basmane)

The Most Preferred Train Travel Destinations

Ankara Gar
İzmit YHT
Konya YHT
İzmir (Basmane)
Polatlı YHT
Afyon A.Çetinkaya

Popular High Speed Train (YHT) Service Times and Prices

Route Ticket Prices Service Period
Ankara - Konya YHT 31 TL 1 hr 44 min
Konya - Ankara YHT 31 TL 1 hr 49 min
Eryaman - Konya YHT 31 TL 1 hr 27 min
Eryaman - Eskişehir YHT 31 TL 1 hr 9 min
Konya - Eryaman YHT 31 TL 1 hr 29 min
Konya - Eskişehir YHT 40 TL 1 hr 41 min
Eskişehir - Konya YHT 40 TL 1 hr 42 min
İzmit - Eskişehir YHT 44 TL 1 hr 36 min
Ankara - İzmit YHT 66 TL 3 hr 2 min
İzmit - Ankara YHT 66 TL 3 hr 14 min

Cheap Train Ticket

You can find train tickets from Biletall.com under railroad title other than land, air and sea ways.

You do not need to go to train stations to get tickets for services of trains, one of the most frequently used transportation vehicles of the past, or high speed trains that provide transportation throughout Turkey, which is developing continuosly as High Speed Trains today.

You can get information from Biletall.com for the most suitable train tickets or instantly buy your ticket.

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